Apply and Enrol

Acceptable forms of identification

We accept the following forms of identification for enrolment purposes

General ID Document Rules:

  • The ID documents listed below must contain photos that are a true likeness of the learner.
  • The ID Documents presented at enrolment must be in the learner's name.

We only accept original documents - no photocopies or solicitors' letters

You must bring in documents that prove your identification.They MUST be one of the following:

  • Current UK Adult Passport
  • Current EEA Passport
  • Current EEA Identity Card
UK Driving Licence
UK Provisional

Current EEA Driving Licence, current full UK Driving Licence or current provisional UK Driving Licence

EEA driving licence

However if the place of birth on the licence is not the UK/EEA then the date the licence (not card) was originally issued must be at least 3 years or over to be acceptable.
(if not, you will need to prove what date you entered the UK/EEA and what your current status is.)

Application Registration Card

Application Registration Card (ARC) -
This shows that a person has made an application for asylum.

ASPEN card

ASPEN Card (Asylum Support Payment Enablement).
This must be accompanied by the original paperwork that came with the card.

If you have any concerns about what forms of identification are valid please speak to one of our Customer Services Admissions Advisors.