The Further and Higher Education Act 1992 requires that all FE colleges should have a corporation, or a board of governors

Our Board of Governors is there to represent the interests of the local community in particular and the public interest in general in the delivery of its educational provision.   Governors have our learners at the heart of all of their decisions. They strive to ensure that our courses are delivered to the highest standard possible and provide learners with the right skills to progress into work or further study.   The Board also oversees the financial health of the College and ensures that money is used as efficiently and effectively as possible.  It is also accountable for the proper use of the public funds entrusted to it and for the proper business management of the commercial activities of the College..

The governing body is there to:

  • - ensure the college thrives as an organisation while maintaining prudent control of its funds and assets
  • - make a significant contribution to what the college does to ensure the success of its students
  • - help the college maintain a long-term focus while working on its shorter-term goals and plans
  • - help the college respond to local requirements within the context of regional and national needs
  • - ensure that the business aspects of a college operation prosper .

Governance documents

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Instrument and articles of Governance

Board of Governance Policies

Current Register of the Board's interests

Calendar of Board Meetings


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