Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

Barnet and Southgate College's Equality and Diversity objectives are to:
  • Ensure  that the College promotes and fosters Equality and Diversity for all learners through the delivery of teaching and learning, enrichment and tutorial activities and learner voice activities
  • Improve  the collection of Equality and Diversity data for learners and staff against the protected characteristics within the Equality Act 2010, and ensure that this data is used to improve outcomes for all our College community
  • Ensure  that there are no achievement gaps by race, gender, age and disability within curriculum areas
  • Support  staff in meeting their responsibilities for Equality and Diversity through sharing best practice within the College, and provide a programme of staff training on Equality and Diversity

Policy Statement
Barnet and Southgate College is committed to achieving equality and diversity for all its learners, staff and the broader community which it serves. We welcome, celebrate and value the diversity of our learning community and seek to promote an inclusive learning and working environment where everyone can achieve to their full potential. We have a zero tolerance of discrimination, harassment or bullying of any kind.
Barnet and Southgate College is committed to the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion in all its activities; as a provider of learning and training, as an employer of staff and as a partner with a range of organisations within our community.
We are proud of the diversity of our College and value, celebrate and respect the many different backgrounds, experiences and talents that our learners and staff contribute to our learning community.
We will work with and support our learners, staff and partners to embed equality and diversity into everything that we do and maximise the opportunities to promote equality and celebrate diversity as part of our responsibility as a public funded organisation.
We will treat all learners, employees and our partners in the community with respect and dignity and work to provide a positive learning and working environment which is a safe and welcoming place in which to study, work or visit. We will ensure that the Equality and Diversity policy influences and informs the culture of the College.
The College will not tolerate any form of direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation and will ensure that any behaviour by staff, learners, partners, sub-contractors or visitors which violate this policy is dealt with robustly.


Annual Equality and Diversity Report 2016-17 2.03 MB

Single Equality Scheme 312.48 kB

Gender Pay Gap Statement 54.46 kB

Equality Objectives 2018-21 73.24 kB

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