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GCSE Science Revision Help

Barnet and Southgate College has researched useful websites to help students prepare for the GCSE Science exams

Prepare for GCSE Science

Click the buttons below to help prepare for the GCSE Science exams.

Past papers and helpful hints

Click the links below to access previous english exam papers from different examination boards (please note if you are a current GCSE student at the College, we use the AQA examination board)

Helpful hints for revision and the exam

  • Create a revision timetable
  • Do practice papers and worksheets
  • Take regular study breaks
  • Mix up how you study - use videos, worksheets and books
  • Critical reading and comprehension is about identifying and interpreting themes
  • English Language reading examples include leaflets, articles, reports, web pages and biographys
  • 20% of marks will be awarded for accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar

For more tips click here and good luck with those exams!