GCSE revision

GCSE Maths - exam revision workshops

Revision workshops, arranged by campus


Number – Percentages, Ratio, FractionsMon 01 April3.00 pm223
StatisticsMon 29 April3.00 pm223
Shape and SpaceMon 06 May3.00 pm223
AlgebraMon 13 May3.00 pm223
Exam revision tipsMon 20 May3.00 pm223



Number – Percentages, Ratio, FractionsThurs 25 April2.30 pm413
Number – Percentages, Ratio, FractionsFri 26 April2.15 pm412
Number – Percentages, Ratio, FractionsMon 29 April3.15 pm406
AlgebraThurs 02 May2.30 pm413
AlgebraFri 03 May2.15 pm412
AlgebraMon 06 May3.15 pm406
StatisticsThurs 09 May2.30 pm413
StatisticsFri 10 May2.15 pm412
StatisticsMon 13 May3.15 pm406
Shape and SpaceThurs 16 May2.30 pm413
Shape and SpaceFri 17 May2.15 pm412
Shape and SpaceMon 20 May3.15 pm406
Exam revision tips 1Thurs 23 May2.30 pm413
Exam revision tips 1Fri 24 May2.15 pm412
Exam revision tips 1Mon 27 May3.15pm406
Exam revision tips 2Thurs 06 June2.30 pm413
Exam revision tips 2Fri 07 June2.15 pm412
Exam revision tips 2Mon 03 June3.15 pm406



Number – Percentages, Ratio, FractionsWeds 24 April12.00 pmDS03
Number – Percentages, Ratio, FractionsThurs 25 April10.30 amBG03
AlgebraWeds 01 May12.00 pmDS03
AlgebraThurs 02 May10.30 amBG03
StatisticsWeds 08 May12.00 pmDS03
StatisticsThurs 09 May10.30 amBG03
Shape and SpaceWeds 15 May12.00 pmDS03
Shape and SpaceThurs 16 May10.30 amBG03
Exam revision tipsWeds 22 May12.00 pmDS03
Exam revision tipsThurs 23 May10.30 amBG03