GCSE revision

GCSE English - exam revision workshops

Revision workshops, arranged by campus


Imaginative writingTues 02 April3.00 pm318
Transactional writing 1Tues 23 April3.00 pm318
Transactional writing 2Tues 30 April3.00 pm318
Language and StructureTues 07 May3.00 pm318
EvaluationTues 14 May3.00 pm318
Comparing textsTues 21 May3.00 pm318



Imaginative writingTues 23 April3.15 pm412
Imaginative writingSat 27 April2.00 pmB110
Imaginative writingMon 29 April1.00 pm406
Transactional writing 1Tues 30 April3.15 pm412
Transactional writing 1Sat 04 May2.00 pmB110
Transactional writing 1Mon 06 May1.00 pm406
Transactional writing 2Tues 07 May3.15 pm412
Transactional writing 2Sat 11 May2.00 pmB110
Transactional writing 2Monday 13 May1.00 pm406
Language and StructureTues 14 May3.15 pm412
Language and StructureSat 18 May2.00 pmB110
Language and StructureMon 20 May1.00 pm406
EvaluationTues 21 May3.15 pm412
EvaluationSat 25 May2.00 pmB110
EvaluationMon 27 May1.00 pm406
Comparing textsTues 04 June3.15 pm412
Comparing textsSat 01 June2.00 pmB110
Comparing textsMon 03 June1.00 pm406



Imaginative writingWeds 24 April10.00 amCG12
Imaginative writingThurs 25 April10.30 amCG10
Transactional writing 2Weds 01 May10.00 amCG12
Transactional writing 1Thurs 02 May10.30 amCG10
Language and StructureWeds 08 May10.00 amCG12
Language and StructureThurs 09 May10.30 amCG10
EvaluationWeds 15 May10.00 amCG12
EvaluationThurs 16 May10.30 amCG10
Comparing textsWeds 22 May10.00 amCG12
Comparing textsThurs 23 May10.30 amCG10