College Values

LEARNER CENTRED: Putting the learner at the centre of everything we do

This means we:

  • Listen to our learners and act on their feedback
  • Tailor our services and delivery to meet their needs
  • Are adaptable, flexible and responsive to learner needs
  • Always try to bring out the best in our learners and help them achieve their potential
  • Consider the impact on our learners in our decision making and College policies
  • Go the extra mile to support our learners

IMPROVING: Continuously learning and improving ourselves

This means we:

  • Reflect on and evaluate how we work
  • Learn from any mistakes and plan to avoid them in future
  • Embrace new information, methods of working and technology
  • Participate in learning activities inside and outside of the College
  • Develop ourselves to be the best we can be
  • Share our own learning with others

PROFESSIONALISM: Being professional and setting a great example to others

This means we:

  • Aim for excellence and take pride in what we do
  • Are organised, consistent and can be relied upon to do what we say we will do
  • Are polite, helpful and represent the College in the best way we can
  • Take responsibility for our work and our actions
  • Have a positive and ‘can do’ approach to helping our learners and colleagues

EQUALITY: Promoting equality and inclusiveness

This means we:

  • Treat people fairly
  • Respect differences and treat people as individuals
  • Are supportive and understanding of each other
  • Recognise the contribution that others make
  • Promote equality and diversity to learners and colleagues

TEAMWORKING: Working as part of one College team

This means we:

  • Help and support our colleagues
  • Inspire and motivate each other in our work
  • Are reliable and do what we say we will do
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Work together to achieve common team and College goals
  • Respect each other and the value of the different jobs we do

CHALLENGING: Challenging the norm

This means we:

  • Are open minded and can take risks
  • Challenge existing ways of doing things
  • Look at things differently and find better ways
  • Anticipate and solve problems innovatively
  • Are creative and come up with great new ideas
  • Are ambitious and successful in what no other Colleges are doing