The College

Applications and enrolments

When you come in to enrol

Please ensure that you bring all necessary ID documentation*, up to date proof of benefit (if applicable), exam results and any specialised additional evidence such as portfolios of work. Remember to bring these as their absence will affect your ability to enrol.

You may also need to get a teacher or employer to fill in a Reference form .

Please also note that we do not have creche facilities at our campuses so please try to avoid bringing small children with you if at all possible.

Which campus do I need to go to?

Please note that most courses will enrol at the site they will be run from, with some exceptions; 

Art and Design – Wood Street Campus

Business and IT – All Campuses

Beauty – The Spa at Wood Street Campus

Construction – Grahame Park Campus

Electrical- Southgate Campus

ESOL- All sites

Foundation Learning - All Campuses

GCSE English – All Campuses

GCSE Science – Wood Street Campus

Hairdressing – The Salon at Grahame Park Campus

Health, Education, and Social Care (HESC)  - Wood Street Campus

Motor Vehicle - Southgate Campus

Sports – Southgate Campus except Borehamwood FC PASE  applicants which enrol at both Southgate and Wood Street campuses

Catering & Hospitality -  Southgate Campus (except Hospitality House  courses)


*For acceptable forms of ID/benefits evidence please download the leaflets below:

ID Guidelines 860.68 kB
Benefits guidelines 825.64 kB