The College

Applications and enrolments

Our main enrolment 2014 will be from Thursday 21 August to Saturday 6 September at all campuses

Summer drop-ins

If you have made an application for a course and still need to be interviewed please come into one of the summer drop in sessions listed below:

Health & Social Care  course applicants (not Access) come to our Wood Street Campus from 10.00am – 12.00pm on:

  • 19th August


Main enrolment for all campuses

  • Thursday 21st  August 9-7
  • Friday 22nd  August 9-5
  • Tuesday 26th  August 9-7
  • Wednesday 27th  August 9-7
  • Thursday 28th  August 9-7
  • Friday 29th  August 9-5
  • Saturday 30th  August 10-2
  • Monday 1st  September 9-7
  • Tuesday 2nd  September 9-7
  • Wednesday 3rd  September 9-7
  • Thursday 4th  September 9-7
  • Friday 5th  September 9-5
  • Saturday 6th  September 10-2

Please note that most courses will enrol at the site they will be run from, with some exceptions below.


Hospitality House Professional Courses

Some of our courses are run from different training venues;  some part time Catering and Hospitality  courses listed are run from Hospitality House . There are currently 3 interview dates for these courses:

26th  August - 3-7pm  Wood Street

28th  August  -  2-7pm Hospitality House

4th  September   -  2-7pm Hospitality House

6th  September  -   10-2pm Wood Street

9th  September  -  4-8pm Hospitality House

Check the course code, as we do run full time versions of some of these courses at our  Southgate  campus too.


To apply and enrol for courses beginning in September 2014:

Please follow one of the options below:

  • APPLY ONLINE  -  For full time courses  ; when you have found your chosen course, click the ‘apply’ button which appears on the right side of the course details and submit your application electronically. For part time courses  you may be able to enrol and pay directly, dependant on whether your course requires an interview. (Please follow the online instructions.)
  • BY POST   :  For full time courses , download an application form , complete every section, and send it to the campus  where your course will take place - contact our Customer Services  team if you need help with this. For part time courses , check on the prospectus or online course profile if an interview is required, complete the application form  and send it to the campus where your course will take place. If no interview is required, download an enrolment form , complete accurately, and post this with your payment to the address where your course will take place.
  • IN PERSON   : Drop in at one of our campuses, ask for a form and complete it fully. Hand it into one of the Customer Services staff.

When you apply by any of these methods you will receive confirmation that we received your application within 14 days.

Our aim is to make the enrolment process as easy as possible so we recommend you apply for the course you are interested in online before you come to the College.

You may also need to get a teacher or employer to fill in a Reference form .


If you don’t know which course/subject you want to study:

For assistance in choosing a course/subject, you can do one or all of the following:


When you come in to enrol

Please ensure that you bring all necessary ID documentation*, up to date proof of benefit (if applicable), exam results  and any specialised additional evidence such as portfolios of work. Remember to bring these as their absence will affect your ability to enrol.

Please also note that we do not have creche facilities at our campuses so please try to avoid bringing small children with you if at all possible.


*For acceptable forms of ID/benefits evidence please download the leaflets below:

ID Guidelines 860.68 kB
Benefits guidelines 825.64 kB