Barnet and Southgate College joins the Social Enterprise Revolution

Barnet and Southgate College has embarked on a new partnership with InspirEngage International to become a national pioneer in the ‘social enterprise revolution’

College staff recently took part in social enterprise ‘bootcamps’ as the venture plans to train them to become ‘social enterprise champions’ aiming to build social enterprise into the college curriculum.

The social enterprise revolution is an InspirEngage initiative and the UK's first to embed social enterprise into the curriculum of educational institutions. The overall objective is to support students to develop skills in order to launch their own social enterprise projects. The aim being to create innovative pathways into work whilst also improving the students' local communities.

Throughout the year students will take part in InspirEngage bootcamps, either in person or through electronic tutorials, which will help them develop exciting projects; culminating in a social enterprise graduation at the end of the summer term. InspirEngage International CEO, and former BBC Apprentice contestant, Melody Hossaini, led the training with a number of innovative workshops demonstrating the electronic tutorial for staff to use in the classroom with interactive videos and other resources. The programme aims to develop skills which can be applied in real life situations which will be beneficial to the wider community.

Melody Hossaini said: "With youth unemployment figures high, resources scarce in communities and the need for students to develop their life skills, it's more important than ever to think innovatively about solutions. At InspirEngage International, we feel passionately about social enterprise as a viable model but the process needs to begin in education, which is why we launched the Social Enterprise Revolution last year. The programme works with educational institutions, such as Barnet and Southgate College helping them to embed social enterprise into the curriculum. We support students to develop their skills through intense InspirEngage Bootcamps to launch their own socially enterprising projects to help their communities."

David Byrne, Principal of Barnet and Southgate College said:

"One of the college's prime objectives is to improve our students' employability and this new partnership with InspirEngage does just that. Our aspiration is that students will become more confident about starting their own business or entering the workplace. Melody is so passionate about enterprise and she has already inspired many students and staff. I welcome this and all of the innovative student projects which will make a positive contribution to the college and the local community."