International EFL

Focus on skills and grammar

These classes focus on specific English skills, developing student confidence in key areas

We will test you to make sure the class is right for you.  

We run 'Focus On...' courses in the following areas:


This course is for  learners who want to develop their communication skills. It's a great way to improve your confidence for exams, and also for your job.

What will I study?

Speaking skills:

  • Improving your everyday English.
  • Developing confidence and fluency and learning different aspects of pronunciation.

Listening skills:

  • Listening extensively for general meaning and specific detail.
  • Recognising attitude and relationship of speakers.
  • Recognising and practising patterns of intonation.


This course is for learners who want to develop their reading and writing skills. This course can easily be combined with our general English classes so that you can improve your reading and writing for exams and work.

What will I study?

Reading skills:

  • A range of different text types, understanding context and meaning.
  • Predicting meaning of unknown/unfamiliar vocabulary.
  • Developing skimming and scanning skills.

Writing skills:

  • Spelling and punctuation, planning and paragraphing.
  • Writing emails and formal letters and writing stories, reports and essays.


This course is for students who want to be more confident in their English grammar and develop their vocabulary. This course can easily be combined with our general English classes so that you can make faster progress.

What will I study?

The main structures of the language including past, present and future tenses, conditionals, articles ('a','an','the'), adverbs, adjectives and much more. This gives you the opportunity to practise and improve your grammar in every lesson, and uses awA wide variety of functional language. You will learn a wide range of vocabulary from different topics.