International EFL

B1 Level

B1 Level can prepare students for internationally recognised general English exams such as Cambridge English PET and GESE B1

Who are these classes for?

For students at intermediate level who want to improve their general English language skills, develop confidence in speaking, improve their writing skills, develop language learning techniques and strategies and prepare for Cambridge English PET exam.

You will study:

  • The main structures of the language, and how to use functional components with increasing confidence.
  • Communication for everyday situations, e.g. taking part in discussions, making arrangements and relating past events.
  • Listening skills, e.g. to gain an understanding of attitude and intention in dialogues.
  • Writing e.g. a simple letter/email or a short narrative for a variety of contexts.
  • A range of vocabulary and use of language.
  • Short reading texts to understand the general meaning and context.
  • All aspects of the Cambridge English Preliminary English Test.

Students can start the class on a weekly basis, with a minimum booking of 6 weeks.

Attend a testing session Monday - Friday, 10am - 16.00pm on Southgate Campus or email

Please note

  • The cost of course books and exams are not included in course fees.
  • Approximate cost of Cambridge exams £50-£90 depending on the level; see IELTS official website for fees.
  • Approximate cost of course books £25-£30