Delivering Careers

Art, Design and Visual Culture

Barnet and Southgate College is pleased to announce that we are now offering a range of qualifications from the prestigious University of the Arts London (UAL) awarding body

UAL is the only specialist art, design and creative industries awarding organisation in England. UAL qualifications have been designed to reflect the latest thinking and practice in the creative and cultural industries and to support students in developing creativity and skills so that they can access the best courses, at the best universities and the best careers.

As part of refreshing our offer, we are now also providing very clear pathways into university, employment or higher level apprenticeships in order to offer you a clear progression route into your creative career.



There are four Career Pathways to choose from:

Creative IT, Media Production, Design Services and Art Commissioning.  

It is possible for students to 'jump in' to our courses and follow the progression routes from Entry Level 3 right up to Level 4, dependant on current achievement and skills.

The beauty of these career pathways are that they are totally interchangeable, so if you are studying Art and Design at Level 2 you can go on to study Games, Apps and Interactive IT at Level 3.
Once you reach Level 3 you will be taking the lead in our learning companies.

career pathways

Learning companies  give students real-life experience of the industry they choose to enter - for instance, the Media Production learning company will accept video and audio commissions to produce media programmes for external clients; supervised by College staff, but with the majority of production work carried out by the students. This will ensure you receive both the technical and softer skills needed to service clients effectively.