Higher Education

Student successes

Early Childhood Studies Foundation Degree

Daniela Cavalli-Warby 

In September 2010, continuing with her existing home based child care business, Daniela commenced studies for the Level 5 Undergraduate Foundation Degree Early Childhood Studies at Barnet & Southgate College, a programme that is run jointly with Middlesex University.  Along with her peers, Daniela attended weekly Year 1 and 2 lectures at our Wood Street campus and termly lectures at Middlesex University, Trent Park Campus, with all 32 students successfully completing their undergraduate studies in July 2012.

From commencement of her two year Foundation Degree Early Childhood Studies, Daniela continued to operate her “outstanding” childcare provision, demonstrating a passion for early years child care and education, whilst continually encouraging fellow practitioners to have high aspirations for themselves and the children and families they liaise with. With a thirst to continue in Higher Education, Daniela decided not to stop with her Level 5 Foundation Degree, but progressed in September 2012 to join Year 3 of the BA Early Childhood Studies programme at Middlesex University.  Daniela is on track to complete her full B.A. Hons Degree in 2013, she said:

“Reflecting on my journey from pre –registration for my home based child care business to today, completing the final year of a BA Early Childhood Studies Degree, I have to pay tribute to and acknowledge the quality of teaching, support and mentorship that I have received from Barnet and Southgate College.

The tutors developed my knowledge and influenced my practice, raising my aspirations for myself and for all the children that I come into contact with. My life has totally changed, I have grown personally and professionally and in turn I hope that I have had a positive influence on the lives of children and families who have used my services. Returning to study was daunting and on many occasions I said that I couldn’t do anymore, it is hard to maintain a family, home and business, but I kept on going through tutor encouragement and I’m now nearing the end of my B.A. Hons. degree, a possibility that had previously felt so out of reach but which has been brought to life by Barnet and Southgate College”.

Daniela has expressed that the real reward for her Level 5 Foundation Degree Early Childhood Studies was discovering and revelling in the previously hidden knowledge of academia and the sharing of this knowledge in communities of early years practice. In November 2012 at One College Many Stars, Student Achievement Awards, Daniela graciously accepted the award of ‘Top Achieving Student’ for HESC. The School of Health Education and Social Care at Barnet and Southgate College is very proud of Daniela’s achievements to date and we wish her great success for the future.


Foundation Degree in Business

Craig Carter

Craig Carter enrolled on to the Foundation Degree Business part-time programme in February 2009.  The flexibility of the part time programme, allowed Craig as a serving London fire officer, to fit his course attendance and related study around his demanding work commitments and family responsibilities.   His employer took an active interest in his education by sponsoring his course.  Many of his assignments were based upon his experience in the workplace and culminated in a five thousand word Management project investigating changes to the training procedures in the Brigade.