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  Addison Lee  and Premier Inn  have all found success with Barnet and Southgate College’s pre-employment screening and training.


Many established local employers and national companies work closely with Barnet and Southgate College’s Enterprise and Employment division to directly influence the quality of recruits and their existing workforce.

"Employers have a vested interest in actively developing their own pipelines of future talent and need to take more of a lead in developing the workforce of the future.” -  Peter Cheese, Chief Executive at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

“The communication between Barnet and Southgate College and Addison Lee has been superb. They have been very supportive, and were particularly skilled at pre-selecting suitable candidates for us. It’s been a fair commitment from all involved, not least the candidates, but it’s been worth it.”  Lesley Bowes, Addision Lee

“The relationship with Barnet and Southgate College has made my life easy. The trainers, who all come from hospitality backgrounds, really know what they are doing and it’s reflected in the excellent design of the coursework.”  Sherwyn Gonsalves, Operations Manager, Premier Inn Holborn

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