Business and Travel

Welcome to a dynamic, fast changing industry

Businesses are operating in a world that is undergoing change at an incredible pace, whether it’s the latest IT developments or the changing international landscape in which they operate. That’s why our top priority is to offer courses that help train students in areas of emerging importance and opportunity and where we believe their skills will be in demand.

There has been much talk of green shoots for the economy and our sense is that the economy is picking up, but that doesn’t weaken our resolve to challenge all our students so that they are prepared to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. The whole British cultural landscape is changing with people from all walks of life thinking in business terms and treating everyday transactions as business deals. We also expect our students and their families to be equally demanding of us and we are proud to be able to demonstrate that studying with us provides real results.

Nearly three quarters of students joining our Level 3 business courses progress directly onto University. For these students, the breadth of our provision enables them to get a general business grounding whilst identifying specialisms that match their interests or skills – whether in HR, marketing or finance, for example.

In contrast our computing students tend to be far more focussed and choose to study our BTEC National Extended Diploma in Computing at the age of 16 – rather than choosing a range of subjects on an A level course.

We also have a thriving community of independent adult learners and employer-sponsored students where we provide very focussed, industry-oriented teaching and a range of qualifications accredited by professional awarding bodies including AAT (Accounting), CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) CISCO (web design) and Microsoft Academy.     

Business brains don’t to fall into one category. Some people wish to develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to establish or grow their own businesses. We have gained an excellent reputation in this field with our intensive one year course that covers all aspects of running a small enterprise from employment and contract law, health and safety, marketing and the information to ensure that the best legal format is chosen for a particular business idea to as well as the accounting skills to ensure they develop a successful business plan. In contrast to our budding entrepreneurs, other students prefer to study and take up specialist roles within large corporations. We cater for this diversity in the sorts of regular external speakers that come in to inspire our students and the range of internships we arrange to inspire our Foundation Degree students in Computing and Business and our newly introduced HND in Travel.

So what careers do our students progress to and aspire to?  Well the honest answer is that studying business and computing opens up a range of opportunities. Take IT, Computing and Mobile Technology, it’s a vast industry employing 1.5 million people in the UK and over half a million new entrants are required to fill new roles over the next five years. The marketing workforce represents approximately 2.4 per cent of UK employment and is particularly focussed on London where people in this field earn a higher average salary than elsewhere – a generous £47,000. HR professionals are also handsomely rewarded. It’s a smaller workforce but average salaries in this field are £44,000.  Everyone knows that London is one of the world’s global financial centres and the Greater London Authority think that the 350,000 strong finance and insurance workforce in London will remain steady until 2036. London also has the largest number of people working business administration – nearly half a million people in the capital consider themselves to working in this field.   A recent area of study we are developing is our Travel provision. This is also one of the best income earners for the UK economy and generates thousands of jobs.

As well as investing in our students, we encourage our staff to continue their professional development. They’ve all worked in industry but they also take time to keep abreast of latest innovations. That’s why we’re one of the only providers in the country to deliver a course in designing Android apps. Quite often the Government validated courses are a year or two behind the latest trends, but we don’t stop at delivering the basics and look to evolve our teaching to include new courses and modules. In 2014 we’ll be introducing new courses in e-marketing, cloud computing, gaming and animation and cyber security.

There’s a lot of variety and I’m sure that each student will find his or her own business niche whilst studying with us.