14-16 Centre

Courses for 14-16 year olds

The 14-16 Centre has established itself as the market leader for alternative 14-16 provision in North London. It is not just a place to study; it has a strong sense of community and students are warmly welcomed into its diverse and multi-cultural environment.

Barnet and Southgate College has a huge range of vocational courses on all campuses and is working in partnership with local schools to broaden the range of practical subjects young people can study.

We offer a range of full time courses including:

  • Year 11 ESOL
  • GCSE programmes (5 GCSEs)
  • Passport to progress (3 GCSEs with a vocational option)
  • Foundation Learning

We also offer a range of part time vocational course options in:

Students cannot apply directly to the 14-16 Centre; referrals must be made by schools or other agencies.

For 14-16 Centre enquiries please call 020 8200 8300.

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